Envelopes that Pull It All Together



The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) needed a marketing and membership communications facelift. An abundance of print materials lacked a cohesive look and, when packaged together, was hard to fit into an envelope—and expensive to mail separately. Debbie Ayres, ACMA’s Senior Director of Membership Marketing and Communications, wanted to streamline their materials, eliminate the visual confusion and cut postage costs.


Ayres and her team consolidated and redesigned the marketing and membership materials to support the ACMA’s visual branding. They examined several options and selected the Conformer® Products (CEP) presentation folder to package the new documents, which are then shipped in a matching Conformer paperboard mailer.

Both the folder and the mailer feature ACMA branding, and the package earned the 2008 PEAK (Print Excellence and Knowledge) Award of Excellence in the Commercial Printing, Multi-Component category. “We now have a complete package that gives prospective members a look at everything the ACMA has to offer,” says Ayres.

The Conformer Advantage:

Ayres chose the Conformer folder and mailer because of the aesthetics and function. The fact that Conformer products expand to fit a little or a lot of content, up to one inch, makes them extremely versatile. “You have more opportunities to be creative,” she said. “I also like the fact that we can use it to hold a lot of content.

“We’re making a more sophisticated impression and have a better opportunity of talking with potential high-level members who may not have looked at our previous marketing materials.”

by Bob Makofsky



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