Cheaper Than Cheap

Two weeks ago, I helped my Kindergartener assemble his penny Valentine’s Day cards for his classmates. His teacher had set up a post office in the classroom so that the kids could stamp, sort, process, and deliver all of the “mail” to each child’s mailbox. Pretty cute, huh?

So I open the penny Valentine’s box for my son and there are NO ENVELOPES inside the box…only 2×3 cards. How cheap is that? First of all, penny Valentine’s Day cards haven’t been a penny each for quite some time now. And second, no envelopes?valentines_cropped1

Luckily, I had a stash of small-enough Conformer envelopes to do the job laying around the house. The Conformer envelopes “expanded to fit” a lollipop and the card for each of my son’s classmates. Phew! Crisis averted.

There’s a lesson in here somewhere that’s tied into the recession. You can strip away all of your costs down to less than the bare essentials… but you’re still going to need something to deliver the goods. And make sure you’re factoring in the lollipop.

by Sari McConnell


One response to “Cheaper Than Cheap

  1. Great story – and wonderful lesson. How often do we cut costs to the point where we’re no longer fulfilling our brand promise? One of my favorite companies has started purchasing its leather products from a less-expensive manufacturer in China. Many of the items simply don’t meet the quality standards I’ve come to expect from this firm, and I’m more selective about what I buy – and keep.

    Companies like Conformer that not only do their job, but also deliver those special extras (like lollipops and postage savings) will come out ahead. Kudos, and keep up the good work.

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