A Terrific Backhanded Compliment

I got a terrific backhanded compliment on Friday from a good friend and respected colleague in the human resources industry who handles a lot of training materials.  “I’ve always known about your envelope business”, she said, “but I was never particularly impressed by it.  Until now.”  That “now” moment occurred at that lunch, when I put a Conformer poly portfolio in her hand for the first time.

This is what we call a good learning opportunity.  Take my friend’s previously well disguised indifference to my entrepreneural endeavor.  That’s my fault.  She just assumed that a Conformer envelope was just a modest modification of a ubiquitous product…not sexy, not exciting, not worth pondering deeply.  It’s near to impossible for a customer to describe you a product they want that doesn’t yet exist.  It’s almost as challenging for an innovator to describe a breakthrough innovation without showing you how it works. 

So I can blog all day long, but if you’ve never had  a Conformer product in your hand, stop reading and ask us for a sample.  Put samples in the hands of the influential people in your business and your industry.  And just maybe you’ll get a backhanded compliment too. 

Sari McConnell at smcconnell@conformerinc.com


2 responses to “A Terrific Backhanded Compliment

  1. It’s all true–I am that very tactful friend! It’s a great product…especially once you see it!

  2. I am an Environmental Printer with several websites and I have been to your office. This email from you, made me re think your product line.

    Especially, the picture of the two boxes taped together and all the plastic inside.

    I want to come to your office again and have you show me the Conformer Envelope those products should have gone in.

    I write a Green Printing Tip once a week and I want a new tip, before the Holidays, to be about your product lines.

    Greg Barber

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