Hall of Shame #6: Environmentally Offensive

Do you ever get a package in the mail that feels like environmental waste just got dumped at your front door?

These contents — totally no more than 4″ long and 2″ wide —  arrived:

-inside a styrofoam wrapper which was then…

-laid to rest in a bed of styrofoam noodles stting in…

– a 6″ x 8″ corrugated box that is 4.5″ deep! 

I guess they needed a box big enough to hold all of those noodles. 

With the number of environmentally friendly solutions out there, it takes a lot of effort (or perhaps no effort at all) to make this strong of a brand statement to your customers.  And when I say statement, I don’t mean a good one.

Send us your own offensive images, and we’ll post them.

-Sari McConnell at smcconnell@conformerinc.com


2 responses to “Hall of Shame #6: Environmentally Offensive

  1. Adam Mattheus

    I could not help but notice in your wasteful packaging example the product being shipped includes high powered neodymium rare earth magnets. If packaged in same-size packaging or allowed to come near the edges of the box, these would cause damage to electronics and other items that might be unfortunate enough to be placed in close proximity to the package during shipping. It is smart for the manufacturer to suspend these items securely in the center of an oversized box to ensure the magnetic field outside the box is not strong enough to damage other freight. Just a thought – while your purpose and point of the wasteful packaging blog is extremely valid – this might not be the best example. Some goods, unfortunately, need oversized awkward packaging for logistics reasons.

    • Sari McConnell

      I learn something new every day in this business so thanks for pointing that out Adam. Too bad all those other overpackaged packages I get don’t have that as a legitimate excuse!

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