The Question is ‘What Are the Right Questions’

Let’s talk about one of the most important subjects that all companies tackle; how to deliver a corporate message to customers using clear language and compelling graphics.  Here are five primary questions that should be addressed by management and creative staff regarding the look and feel of a marketing kit–

1 – Delivery – How is the package going to be delivered to your clients and prospects? Is the package going to be hand delivered by a sales representative?  If so, can the portfolio be designed for storage and filing for future reference.  If the package is sent via USPS, FedEx, or UPS it will need to be constructed to withstand the wear and tear of deliver. Light colored and solid dark color graphics show lots of marks and tearing or paper cracking.

2 – Protection – How are you going to make sure that the contents of the package arrive in perfect condition?  Too little protection and the package arrives damaged and reflects poorly on your corporate brand.  Too much protection and the package and your company will appear fiscally wasteful and environmentally careless.

3- Visual Impact – When your marketing kit is mailed, does the envelope or mailer deliver a message that compels the recipient to open it?  All too often business-to-business packages are delivered in plain white envelopes, brown corrugated boxes or padded envelopes.

4- Shape and Size – What shape, size, and weight parameters do you need to follow to avoid unnecessarily high postage and courier rates?  Square envelopes, packages over 16 ounces, and thicker than ¾” should be avoided if possible.

5 – Environmental Impact – Is an environmental consciousness message important to our prospects and clients?  If so, incorporate materials that are made from recycled content and can be recycled after use.  Also, look to reduce stock weights and eliminate unnecessary void fill materials.

While many of these questions seem obvious, all too often they are overlooked.  With proper project planning you can avoid basic pitfalls allowing your corporate messaging to reflect the high value your company offers its clients.

Marvin Makofsky’s “10,000 Solutions” series reveals tips and tricks he has learned in his 38 years (10,000 days) of working on the bleeding edge of the printing and packaging industry.


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