Hall of Shame #8: Shutterfly, Do Not Bend!

Oh, my beloved Shutterfly, you who keepsafe the images of my beloved children year after year, how it pains me that you are in our Hall of Shame!

Shutterfly Do Not Bend My Memories!

But when I order photos of my children and they arrive in a warped mailer that won’t even sit flat on my kitchen counter, I worry.  I worry that, even though Shutterfly’s packaging tells me “Do Not Bend,” Shutterfly thinks it’s okay to send my photos in a mailer that bends all by itself!  Can’t blame the post office for this one.
Shutterfly used a mailer that lacked the capacity to hold a gusseted envelope of photos inside. This makes it tough to close the flap, and that’s what warps the mailer.  And no, that’s not good for your photos.   Do I need to be that obvious about what variable capacity mailer they should have used instead?
-Sari McConnell at smcconnell@conformerinc.com

Warped Mailer, Not Enough Capacity


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