A Paper Bag Is a Great Capacity Mailing Solution

I’m tired of being told a gusseted envelope can expand up to 2” when only the top half of the envelope can really make this claim.  This mailing solution, with its accordion-like folds along the sides, does not have uniform capacity.  Its accordion construction is actually “v-shaped” so that the bottom of the envelope narrows to a point and gradually widens to its maximum capacity.

That’s why you cannot put 2″ of copy paper inside a 9×12 gusseted envelope… the bottom half won’t hold that much.  In fact, if you try to put the copy paper inside, the bottom of the gusseted envelope (the bottom of the “v-shape”) actually pushes your content up towards the flap.  The envelope needs to be bigger, a lot bigger, for the flap to now close.  A gusseted paper envelope that can hold 2″ needs to have oversized dimensions that approach that of a large paper bag.

And a paperboard mailer with the gusseted construction looks long enough to hold legal paper, but it doesn’t… just the capacity of 8.5×11 sheets that it claims.

Oversized, roomy mailing solutions like this are costly, wasteful, and potentially damaging the contents and the envelope itself because of the shift that occurs inside.  You already know this to be true by instinct.  Isn’t that why you wrap the excess packaging of an oversized envelope around the contents and then tape it down?  It doesn’t look pretty, but you don’t care about first impressions, do you?

-Sari McConnell at smcconnell@conformerinc.com


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