Great Design of Ordinary Objects

Cookie Cutters, Lisa Congden

Have you heard about A Collection A Day?  I’ve been digging this blog recently, and not only because I’m a vintage collector myself.  (My extensive collection of rulers eerily foreshadows my involvement with Conformer.)

This blog was created by Lisa Congdon in San Francisco not far from my office.

Every day in 2010, Lisa photographed or drew one collection.  Most of these collections consist of quite ordinary objects – spoons, dominos, cookie cutters – except for the fact that these images are anything but.

What I like about her approach is that when I look at her cookie cutter collection, I am suddenly thinking about cookie cutters – their characteristics, their variety, their forms – and I don’t ordinarily think about cookie cutters or appreciate the utility baked into their design.

The other day I went onto Twitter looking for anyone talking about “presentation folders.”  I found no one, not one person in the whole Twittersphere, tweeting about a topic that I spend all day obsessing about!  And yet, I know that everyone out there owns and needs a presentation folder.  Good thing there are people like Lisa out there who call attention to the beauty and function in the most basic and vital objects in our lives (plastic golf tees, staples, clothes pins…and yes, presentation folders).

Sari McConnell at


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