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BREAKING NEWS: ‘Blackhole’ Virus Attacks End Users on USPS’s Intelligent Mail Services Website

Conformer Products has just been alerted this morning that the United States Postal Serviced website has become a victim of one of the more robust viruses called “Blackhole” that is well designed to evade antivirus detection and get onto as many end user machines as possible.

Specifically, the “Rapid Information Bulletin System” (RIBBS) pages on the U.S. Postal Service’s website have been infected where anyone visiting these pages would be infected.  Normally, these pages are designed to provide end users visiting the site with intelligent mail services like tracking and logistics information.   This obviously applies to users of Conformer mailers and envelopes using the U.S. Postal Service.

According to Dark Reading, a trusted security industry blog, the infected site was identified by Michael Sutton, vice president of research at Zscaler, who alerted the USPS now addressing the issue.

If you would like to learn more about the technical details of this virus, we encourage you to read more on Zscaler’s blog.

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‘Fringe’ Highlights Conformer’s New Product Launch

Book sent to Agent Dunham in Conformer Mailer

This morning, my colleague asked me if “Fringe” planned on using Conformer mailers to ship alien body parts in future episodes.  It’s been a fun week.  (Read: Conformer on FRINGE)

Sci-fi humor aside, last week Agent Olivia Dunham opened a Conformer mailer and pulled out a hardcover book titled If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him! on “Fringe.”  You may have noticed that the bubble sack wrapping the small book inside was total overkill (no pun intended), but we forgive the television producers.  The Conformer paperboard mailer works beautifully without the bubble wrap because it conforms to the contents and eliminates shifting, while creating a 360 degree periphery of protection.

Nevertheless, “Fringe” has let our secret out of the bag, compelling us to share our plans to launch the new Conformer corrugate mailer very soon.  This new product is designed for heavier items, this new product creates the perfect package for items that might otherwise ship in a corrugate box.  So what’s the advantage?  The Conformer corrugate mailer conforms to its contents, eliminating the cost of shipping dead space and the cost of excess packaging fill.  Plus, no box assembly is required, which dramatically reduces fulfillment costs.

Bubble wrap is so often misused and overused that we don’t even recognize it as a fixable problem anymore.  A hardcover book is not fragile, and several more cost-effective and eco-friendly options can prevent damage from shifting inside an oversized box.   It is indeed a fixable situation.

So now that you’re on the inside track, stay tuned for the official launch of the Conformer heavy-duty corrugate mailer!

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Northwestern University: Big Ten Conformer Fan

While I love both my children equally, occasionally one of them will do something that deserves an extra squeeze.  As far as Conformer fans go, Northwestern University gets an extra squeeze from me today.

The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern started using Conformer folders last year, and not just in admissions.  As America’s #1 “marketing school,” they understand that a folder in the hands of prospective students, recruiters, alums and CEOs represents their brand to everyone coming through their doors.  Prior to Conformer, Kellogg used a laminated, reinforced folder that was as eco-friendly as a diaper in a landfill, and their need for durability came at a high cost.  Kellogg’s new Conformer folder is FSC-marked, and its strong construction eliminates all expensive reinforcement features.

Enter the Northwestern Alumni Association.  They liked the fresh look of
Kellogg’s new folder and its versatility for alumni functions.  It holds an NAA pen gracefully, and organizes multi-sized literature that used to slid around the old folder when opened.

Kellogg, Part 2.  Now using an eco-friendly folder campus-wide, Kellogg used a Conformer folder to kick off their capital campaign for a new eco-friendly building.  Conformer won a PEAK Award of Excellence for this execution.  It’s a real beauty.

Northwestern Development jumped on board as well.  Traveling many miles to meet with alums, the development folks liked the fact that a Conformer folder would arrive alive with them.  Folders looked great off the press, but were they durable enough to withstand the rigors of actual usage?  You bet!

Recently, NU’s famed Medill School of Journalism ordered the Conformer paperboard mailer.  Those smarties know that their correspondence to newly admitted students could mean the difference in converting an admitted candidate to an attending student.   Even an NU scarf fits inside.  Goodbye, ugly bubble mailer!

So extra hugs to Northwestern University today for totally and completely getting the value proposition of Conformer Products — durability, versatility, brand-friendly, and eco-friendly.  Go, Wildcats!

-Sari McConnell at

Free Upgrade Offer on Conformer Folders

Admore Folders, one of Conformer’s trade manufacturers, is featuring a free upgrade offer on new Conformer folder orders*.  If you are a distributor, and want to give your clients the opportunity to see what the Conformer fuss is all about (value, performance, versatility, look, blah blah blah), Admore is extending you an unbelievable offer…absolutely FREE.  Admore will also send you a free sample kit of Conformer folders and mailers, sell sheets, and they couldn’t be easier to deal with on the phone.  Oh, and yes, this is the same Admore Folders that just won a Grand PEAK award from Print Solutions magazine for Best Distributor Kit using, you guessed it, a Conformer folder and mailer.

*Some restrictions apply

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Conformer Sweeps PEAK Awards…again!

Conformer Products has done it again, picking up three PEAK (Printing Excellence and Knowledge) Awards from Print Solutions magazine — two Grand Awards and one Award of Excellence – making it six years in a row that Conformer Products has won top prize in this prestigious competition.

Ernst & Young won a Grand PEAK award in the “Commercial Printing, Envelopes, and Stationary” category for the Conformer portfolio with velcro closure designed to organize the “Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year” materials distributed in Monte Carlo last May.  Functionality has never looked so good.  Our hats are off to the graphic designer who took the professional look of Conformer up yet another notch.

The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University won an Award of Excellence in the “Presentation Folders and Binders” category for the Conformer folder designed to kick off a capital fundraising campaign for a new building.

The Grillo Group worked with its university client to select a stunning Neenah Classic Linen paper in White Pearl to showcase a blind embossed school logo and purple accented copy.  Our office poll voted this our favorite Conformer folder of the year too.

One of our favorite Conformer manufacturing licensees, Admore Folders, won a Grand Award for Best Distributor Kit using…you guessed it… a Conformer folder and mailer to organize their sample kit and send it in the mail.  Admore cleverly oversized the Conformer set so that the folder would be sized correctly to easily hold other folders.  Why didn’t we think of that?

We’ll be pickup up our awards at the Print Solutions Expo in Baltimore on May 24th.  If you’re there, be sure to find us.

Sari McConnell, at

Don’t Listen to Us. Ask Siemens Hearing Instruments.

Sometimes we get tired of hearing ourselves talk.  We’d much rather hear it from happy Conformer users such as Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc., one of the largest manufacturers of hearing aids in the world.  Siemens has been using Conformer Products for years on “our top level sales and marketing projects have been well received and more than satisfactory… we have saved money and use greener products” says Theresa Lieb, procurement specialist.   Last year, Siemens spent $1.6 billion in the U.S. in R&D, so they know good innovation when they see it.

-Bob Makofsky at

Siemens uses a matching Conformer folder and mailer.

Blue Ocean Moment: Steer Clear of Best-in-Class

The Blue Ocean Strategy

The Blue Ocean Strategy

Bob and I are delivering one of the keynote speeches at the Envelope Manufacturers Association (EMA) annual meeting next week in Atlanta on innovation.  Maynard Benjamin, the EMA’s president, has been a strong advocate of the innovation that Conformer Products Inc. is bringing to the industry, and he asked us to speak to this illustrious group on the alignment of our innovation process to the principles in Blue Ocean Strategy, a terrific business book by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.

So we’re presenting “Swimming in the Blue Ocean.”  And although Conformer Inc. tread this path years before this book appeared on our radar, I have to say that it is quite gratifying to see our strategy laid out so well in this book.  Essentially, the B.O.S. “challenges companies to break out of the red ocean of bloody competition by creating uncontested market space that makes the competition irrelevant.”

Last night, I attended a terrific Forum for Women Executives & Entrepreneurs (FWE&E) event in Silicon Valley.  And the speaker Dee McCrorey, addressing the topic of creating a personal innovation brand said, “Why strive to be best-in-class?  You’re still in the class!”

Though McCrorey didn’t reference Blue Ocean Strategy, her comment got right to the heart of breakthrough innovation.  The book discourages best practices and competitive benchmarking in order to “break away from the competition” (which is an intriguing idea for MBA-types like myself who have spent many hours best practicing and benchmarking).

This concept also addresses how lonely and isolating it can be as a start-up that is committed to zig when others zag.  At times, pitching our patented solutions has made me feel like a crazy person.  Well, the tide has certainly turned, hasn’t it?

I’ll let you know how our speech to the EMA goes next week and post a copy of it on our blog.

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