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Conformer to Speak at Envelope Manufacturers Conference

The executive team here at Conformer, Marvin, Sari, and I will be participating in a presentation and panel discussion at the Envelope Manufacturers Association fall conference.  The topic of discussion is a core value of our organization — innovation.

The presentation will center on the book Blue Ocean Strategy.  The book provides a “systematic approach to making the competition irrelevant and creating uncontested market spaces.”  The Blue Ocean Strategy argues that corporations can either battle in the shark infested waters of red oceans where products and services are equal and price is the primary differentiator, or we can create blue oceans where innovation opens uncontested markets.

Product innovation is not foreign to the envelope industry, but what Blue Ocean Strategy suggests is that companies need to create dramatic changes in their product line up whereby new offerings create altogether new markets, not simply improvements on existing products.  For example, two years ago we introduced the Conformer Media Mailer, a radical shift in product packaging designed to mail CDs and DVDs at dramatically lower postage rates.  Until our innovation came along, the primary packaging available to the media fulfillment industry were ubiquitous bubble mailers and small cartons.  Our Conformer Media Mailer enables low cost envelopes to compete directly with higher cost product categories. When you factor in halving the postage rate, our Conformer solution makes our “competition irrelevant”.

We are in the process of writing our presentation for the October 29 event.  We will share it with you in the coming weeks.  To learn more about the Conformer Media Mailer, click here.

by Bob Makofsky bmakofsky@conformerinc.com

Girls Gone Wild, Hot For Conformer

I was up late last night watching an exciting stage of the Tour de France when a Girls Gone Wild infomercial came on.  Suddenly, I thought (as any man would), “Wow, these girls get great postage rates thanks to Conformer.”

Whether you love or hate their product, smart distribution companies are paying less to mail DVDs than others because they’re using the Conformer Media Mailer.  As I reported in our white paper a few weeks back, the Conformer Media Mailer ships DVDs as automated flats, reducing postage costs as much as 145%.  Girls Gone Wild is now realizing postage savings of roughly $0.43 per unit shipped, based on the current postal rate increase.

OFFER: To receive a free sample of the Conformer Media Mailer, send your contact information to support@conformerinc.com with the subject line: “Media mailer sample.”

by Bob Makofsky bmakofsky@conformerinc.com

White Paper: Infinity Resources Cuts DVD Postage 145%

Easing Postage Pressures

How to Get in Shape and Optimize Savings

Executive Summary

●      After the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) restructured rates in May 2007, Chicago fulfillment company Infinity Resources, Inc. saw its postage costs increase 166% for media mailed in jewel cases, Amaray cases and Digipaks.

●      The Conformer Media Mailer, the only known solution capable of mailing these items as automated flats, reduces postage costs as much as 145%.

●      Combined with the Tension AutoPack solution, the patented system allows businesses to realize greater savings through improved labor productivity.

●      Infinity adopted this joint solution and is realizing postage savings of $0.43 per unit shipped, based on the May 2009 postal rate increase.

●      The Tension-Conformer solution is a viable alternative for companies mailing 10,000 units or more per year.

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Standard Mail Price Up 14% from 2008

New Standard Mail pricing implemented today, May 11th, 2009 show significant increases on flats, NFMs, and Parcels.  Hardest hit are customers shipping light weight packages like CDs, DVDs, and video games.

Under last years rates, shipping a 4 ounce DVD in a bubble mailer or corrugate box via standard mail would have cost $1.11.  Today that same parcel would cost $1.27.  The real shocker comes when you look back a few years.  That same package in 2006 cost $0.42.  Today’s rate is 205% higher.

There is hope however.  Conformer released the Conformer Media Mailer, capable of shipping CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, videos, and other small light weight objects as flats.  Under new rates implemented today, a 4 ounce flat would cost $0.52, saving $0.75 per unit.  For further details, click here and here.

Rate Comparison 2006 2007 2008 2009
Standard Mail
Parcel – 4 Ounces $ 0.42 $ 0.95 $ 1.11 $ 1.27
$ Increase from previous year na $ 0.53 $ 0.16 $ 0.16
% Increase from previous year na 128% 17% 14%
% Increase VS. 2006 Rate na 128% 167% 205%
NFM – 4 Ounces na $ 0.80 $ 0.90 $ 1.04
$ Increase from previous year na na $ 0.10 $ 0.14
% Increase from previous year na na 13% 15%
% Increase VS. 2006 Rate na na na na
Flat – 4 Ounces $ 0.35 $ 0.46 $ 0.47 $ 0.52
$ Increase from previous year na $ 0.11 $ 0.01 $ 0.05
% Increase from previous year na 32% 2% 10%
% Increase VS. 2006 Rate na 32% 34% 48%

The above table is an excerpt from a broad analysis of the rate increases.  For a full report, send me an email.

by Bob Makofsky bmakofsky@conformerinc.com

CD, DVD, and Game Shippers Take Brunt of USPS Increases

About a month ago I wrote about how companies mailing small, light-weight packages would see a significant increase in the May 2009 United States Postal Service (USPS) price increase. Hold on to your chair, the increase is roughly 30%. Here are the details –

Standard Mail Not-Flat Machinable, Mixed BMC –

2008 Per Piece – $1.032

2008 Per Pound – $0.733

2009 Per Piece – $1.311 (27% increase)

2009 Per Pound – $0.99 (35.1% increase)

Standard Mail Machinable Parcel, Mixed BMC –

2008 Per Piece – $1.007

2008 Per Pound – $0.733

2009 Per Piece – $1.279 (27% increase)

2009 Per Pound – $0.99 (35.1% increase)

The USPS had committed to annual postage price increases to match up with the Consumer Price Index along with the implementation of shape based postage. But, I suppose the devil is in the details. In reality this is the second year in a row where light-weight parcel shippers have seen huge rate increases.

Fortunately, it is possible to mail CDs, DVDs, and video games as USPS Automated Flats. Read on for relief.

Standard Mail Flats, Mixed ADC –

2008 Per Piece – $0.338

2008 Per Pound – $0.773

2009 Per Piece – $0.346 (insignificant change)

2009 Per Pound – $0.725 (insignificant change)

by Bob Makofsky

Mail DVDs, CDs, and Now Blu-ray as USPS Flat

We had reported back in April of 2008 that under USPS pricing, mailing a 4-ounce CD in a jewel case by standard mail cost $1.36 in traditional packaging. Packed in a Conformer media mailer, postage drops to $0.52 as an automated flat. You can read more about our USPS approval and product launch here – Conformer Media Mailer First to Get USPS Green Light.

Nothing beats face time. As a result of standing side by side with operations folks and packaging engineers, we have developed a series of enhancements. Our in plant process is now largely automated utilizing our Conformer Media Tray along with an Auto Poly Bagger.

But our biggest success has been our ability to simplify the solution. We are now working to redesign our trays to fit CDs, DVDs, as well as Blu-ray. With the redesign, we can use one tray size and one polybag size to streamline the process.

Conformer Media Tray

Conformer Media Tray

by Bob Makofsky