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5 Tips: What Designers Know About Designing Mailers

Too often considerable resources are spent on the marketing literature, and yet the decision as to how it will be presented to your target market is made by the mailroom.    It is the mailer, and not the literature inside, that is on the front line speaking volumes about the quality of your firm.  Here are five great design tips that will enable your mailer to work as hard as your marketing materials:

1.  Paperboard mailers are exceptionally print friendly (unlike bubble mailers, boxes, and Tyvek envelopes).  So get bold about using that space to your company’s advantage.  Put your logo, your branding statement or icon, and even “Follow us on Twitter!”.   A generic approach is best if you anticipate that the mailer will have multiple uses.

2.  Alternatively, design your mailer specifically to create excitement about what’s inside.  For example:  “Your samples are here!” or “Valuable conference materials for Expo 2011!” .  This ensures your package gets opened first, rather than the recipient discovering it on their own only once they’ve opened it.

3.  Put business on the back, branding on the front.  In other words, put your mailing label on the back side of the mailer where the flap closes so that you have a full canvas on the front side to let your branding and marketing message shine.

4.   Putting your mailer in the mail will put your beautifully printed mailer through its paces, so avoid printing it in a dark color end to end (a.k.a. “full bleed).  If the mailer’s corners get bruised in any way, the white fibers in the paperboard will appear and distract the eye from the overall look of the package.

5.  QR Codes are all the range on billboards these days, so why not think of your mailer as a giant billboard for your company that just happens to be delivered to your client’s mailbox? Add a QR code to your mailer to tie your offline marketing efforts to your online ones.  You could feature a video of your CEO thanking your customer for their business!

Sari McConnell at smcconnell@conformerinc.com

Felt & Wire: Putting Inspiration in the Mail

I just stumbled upon a fantastic resource for graphic designers, printers, and envelope and packaging industry insiders.  Get a healthy dose of pure inspiration on the Mohawk Fine Papers‘ blog, Felt & Wire.

Felt & Wire: My Inspiration Today

Living here in Silicon Valley, it’s easy to find yourself almost buying into the idea that online content and social media are so compelling that there is no room for anything that the print or paper industry could possibly offer.

Felt & Wire shows you how powerful a medium ink on paper can “be — ironically, on an online blog — but this only underlines my point that these two mediums can and should coexist for the betterment of the customer experience.  To paraphrase one of the speakers at the Envelope Manufacturers Association annual meeting, they still haven’t figured out how to virtually deliver that scarf you ordered online.  It’s got to come in a package, and the point of delivery is as compelling a moment as you’ll find to speak to your customer in a tactile, ink-on-paper way.  Throw on a QR code that takes you to the “Deal of the Day” on that company’s ecommerce site, and you’ve got a beautiful friendship between online and print mediums.

A Quick Response (QR) Code does exactly that

Which brings me to my next point… If that scarf arriving in the mail is a key customer touchpoint, why don’t companies choose print-friendly packaging?  Sometimes I think companies go out of their way to mail my purchase in the ugliest thing they can find.  Talk about wasted opportunity!

Check out the Felt & Wire posting about an artist named Jennie Hinchcliff, who makes envelopes out of virtually anything.  Wow!  It celebrates the creative spirit in my industry, and on a personal note, brings my career full circle from my early days at Hallmark Cards to my present-day entrepreneurial venture in envelope and packaging innovation.

Have you discovered a resource lately that inspires you?  Share it with us!

-Sari McConnell at smcconnell@conformerinc.com