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Conformer is No Longer Expanding

I just wrapped up an important re-positioning  project I’ve been working on for the past year with some very talented marketing people in our industry.   Over time, we’ve learned some remarkable things from the marketplace as to why customers choose Conformer products, and our marketing communications had fallen far short of expressing those benefits.

New Conformer logo

New Conformer logo

And we landed in a pretty amazing place.  For starters, we’re taking the word “Expansion” out of our name.  Our products and our company are now simply Conformer Products and Conformer Products, Inc. respectively.  We did this because the word “expansion” is just a small part of the value our products deliver, yet the word “expansion” has become almost a liability for customers who dismiss the other Conformer benefits altogether because they don’t think they’re in the market for an expansion product.

We also mashed ideas together for months in search of a  great tagIine that would capture the essence of Conformer.  Drum roll please…“Conformer Products.  Creating presentation and mailing solutions that DO MORE.”

Our benefits:

• More durable (360۫۫۫  perimeter protection)
• More functional and versatile (holds a little or a lot)
• More professional looking (it stays flat no matter what you put in it)
• More environmentally friendly (FSC certified, recycled stock, less material and reusable)
• Plus, Conformer products also have the potential to save a lot of money in postage and fulfillment costs, while providing superior performance.

Now our products scream “value” and “superior performance” … it’s amazing what you can do by banishing one little pesky word to the corner.   Why shouldn’t Conformer products be the incoming industry standard for presentation and mailing solutions?

Remarkably, these changes are a reflection of what we’ve learned from our customers and the value they believe our products deliver rather than an aspirational marketing ploy that we hope will stick during a recessionary economy.

This is a seismic step for Conformer Products.  Thanks for helping us take it.  And please share your thoughts and reaction to our news.

–Sari McConnell at smcconnell@conformerinc.com

Conformer Plastic Envelope Goes Green


Conformer Products Uses Recycled Milk Jugs to Enhance Envelope Sustainability

Great Neck, NY, July 8, 2008 – Conformer Products has just launched its award-winning plastic envelope in 75% post-consumer material—specifically, recycled milk jugs. The recycled material enhances an already environmentally friendly product: the patented Conformer design uses up to 20% less material than standard envelopes, and the sturdy envelope can be re-used.

“The market is demanding sustainable products, and now our products are even better positioned to support corporate environmental sustainability initiatives,” said Marvin Makofsky, president of Conformer. ”In the last few months, we have introduced Forest Stewardship Council or FSC-certified paper envelopes, presentation folders and mailers, as well as paperboard mailers made from 85% post-consumer content. Now our line of plastic envelopes can be made from reclaimed milk jugs.”

“When we looked for products that would make sense to manufacture from recycled plastic materials, the Conformer envelope was at the top of the list,” said Earl Guinter, a plastics manufacturing industry veteran whose organization is licensed to make the Conformer product. “It’s a popular, versatile product that can also be easily customized.”

Sustainability has long been important at Guinter’s organization. The manufacturing plant re-uses 90% of post-industrial materials for other jobs and sells the remaining 10% for re-use in other plastic applications. “Now we are buying reclaimed milk jugs, re-extruding the plastic and using the material to make Conformer’s plastic envelopes,” he said.

One of the company’s most popular products, Conformer’s plastic envelope is a favorite among direct marketers and sales professionals because of its versatility to hold a little or a lot of content, depending on the need. The translucent material helps boost open and response rates by allowing recipients to see the contents, and the attractive design—available in eight colors, including clear—makes the envelope a popular choice for presentations.

by Bob Makofsky